When you work for Hedera, you’ll be helping to keep our clients ahead in the digital world. You’ll learn how to simplify the complex and digitise the ordinary.

Our future is yours.

Our focus

By creating a motivated and dedicated team of over 60 consultants and data lovers, we can focus on making our clients successful. We’re like an entrepreneurial and passionate family which knows how to have fun, never losing sight of helping our people to learn and grow.

Our promise

We’re not about fine theories or pie in the sky. We’re here to help our clients to get ahead in the digital world. We do this by specialising in our clients’ commercial operations like marketing, sales, customer service, digital innovation and the optimum use of data. We work in a wide variety of industries, but we have a strong background in banking, utilities and pharma.

Our mission

We’re a management consulting firm and we pride ourselves on the intelligence and insightfulness of our team. We simplify complexity and digitise the ordinary. As a company in the Cognizant network, we can deliver end-to-end technology solutions for our clients, and we can expand these solutions so that they work on a global level.

Do you have a match with the other hederians?

So you have/are:

  • A master degree in relevant field
    (business, commercial, engineering, analytics)
  • Fluent in Dutch, French & English
  • Fun, entrepreneurial and hands-on
  • Eager to grow
  • Structured way of working &
    pragmatic approach

If so, give your career a flying start and upload your cv here!

Our application flow

step 1

Thinking about the future of your career? Meet us at Belgiums major job fairs or contact us!

step 2

Do you want to become a Hedera astronaut? Upload your CV above!

step 3

Take the Hedera astronaut exams (assessments).

step 4

BAM! You’re a Hederian! Sign your Astronaut contract at a Hedera office. Make us proud!

step 5

First day at Hedera! First week: launch your career at a bootcamp abroad!

What makes hedera unique?

We’ll treat you like an adult. You’ll have lots of freedom, but also the responsibility that goes with it. No two days will be the same, and we’ll make sure you have loads of opportunities for personal growth. A dedicated coach will guide you through your Hedera career. You’ll get the opportunity to help shape Hedera’s growth.

You’ll work with a bright, entrepreneurial team who bring a fresh focus to the challenging projects we work on for our great portfolio of clients. Projects like developing innovative apps, ideas for new ventures or new leading edge products, to name but a few.

You will kick-start your career with an inspiring bootcamp abroad. We’ll make sure that you feel part of the team from day one. As well as a generous training budget, access to the Cognizant Academy and our large learning platform, we build our community with team events (like our annual weekend abroad), content sessions, drinks and lots of other activities.


Where will you find us?

We'll be at Belgium's major job fairs in:

  • Antwerp UA: 27/02
  • Leuven KUL: 27/02
  • Leuven KUL: 01/03
  • Brussels VUB: 03/04

Do you have any questions?

We don’t have a faceless helpline with multiple choice answers. Michael De Boeck, michael.de.boeck@hederaconsulting.com will be happy to answer you in person.
+32 497 86 30 29